Hitting walls

To be less worried about time and life struggles


In our society it is bad to fail. We think so ourselves, and people around us have no problems telling us so if we tend to think differently. But how the ** are you supposed to evolve into a better and more interesting person if you don’t try daringly and keep testing with a brutally brave mind set?


I am one of those who have failed, multiple times. Over and over again. Falling. Hitting walls. Not seeing what was coming my way. Missing the reactions of my actions. I am honestly a person who have failed much more than I have succeeded. What I’m starting to see though, is that it DID teach me things. I feel stronger than ever, have a thousand great inputs and ideas to a thousand problems. I can take on almost any task and while I might most certainly not be able to solve it alone I know exactly how to find collaborators, ask questions and move on.

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.

– Mark Twain 

I would wish for a society where failing had a higher reputation. Where a fail in your story was seen as something amazing and would communicate that you are brave and like to take action if needed.


At the same time I wish for a slower speed when we plan for ourselves. There is no stress forward. Keep failing and do it with pride in slow motion if needed while remembering that you are super brave and a huge inspiration to both yourself and others.