New knowledge

The joy of learning something new


As a mum of four I spend a lot of time around kids and around small human beings learning new things. I’ve seen them take their first step, I’ve followed them to their first school day, I go with them to activities where they learn new skills. Simply put, I watch them grow and fill up their own bank of knowledge. But what is so powerful and amazing is the joy that is always there when they learn something new.

 When we stop having fun, most likely we stop to learn.

Human beings and many other animals are constructed that way. We love challenging our brains to develop and see something new. When we stop having fun, most likely we stop to learn. So what in this could we take into account when playing with the thought of starting something new?


As an entrepreneur I have been blaming myself for being naïve and too energetic. But those characteristics are often used when we describe a child. And I’m starting to think that to keep a part of you open minded like a child is worth a million bucks when it comes to business. To be able to see a solution no one else can, to dare to try something even though you’ve never done that before or to think that you can do more than you actually can, could all be good paths to take. If you combine that with joy and a bit of stubbornness you could reach your goals without having to attend business school or having worked for half your life already. In other words, sometimes you just have to go for it!

If you want to read more thoroughly about the mind and brain go ahead and read this article from The National Academies Press.