Golden mornings

How seeing your friends in the morning can change your day


A few weeks ago I moved in to a new office located in a cute crossing of the old town in the city where I live. A walking street connects a busy bike bath and the area is filled restaurants, design stores and architecture offices. No need to say that many of my friends and acquaintances bump into each other within this very small but busy area.


In the middle of it is a small café that has turned into the melting pot of creative brains and inspiring people. Great coffee, great atmosphere and great staff. So, after having moved in to my new office I started having almost daily regular morning coffees in this café. A few of my friends were already there on basic routines, but every day I get to talk to someone new and the friendly air is so amazing. We talk about life, work, family, dreams, travels and goals.


Starting off every day like this has had such a huge impact on my energy levels. I get inspired and want to keep moving, knowing more and achieve whatever plan I set out for the day. As humans we sometimes forget how important social connections are and how basic our needs are when it comes to have people in our lives.

What I value is the naked contact of a mind.
- Virginia Woolf 

So if you feel a bit stuck in life or just need a bit of morning glow, try this super easy step and become a regular in a café on your way to work. Be a bit Italian and find a coffee bar where you pop in and have a standing espresso on the go. See it as a way of networking and growing your mind-set to make sure your are moving forward and surround yourself with others that are movers too.