Why are you you?

Know yourself to know your dreams

To truly know yourself is the core skill that could change your life. When you know who you are, you know where you stand and what you need to do without asking and looking for permission from others. By being more grounded and true to yourself you don’t risk as many bad decisions that you might regret in the future. And there is also no one else to blame for your trial and errors that might actually be good for your development. My biggest question though is, how do I get to know myself and when do I know that I know myself?

 “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” ―Aristotle

In my search for answers I find two paths that seem equally important. One is to look inside. Give yourself time to be quiet, read books, talk to friends and try to find out who you were born to be. Never let people around you create who you are. But also don’t isolate yourself too much from others and their ideas about you. Ask someone you really trust for feedback to see how you are perceived from outside.  


The other path is to look for more practical guidance like going to business courses, do Gantt schemes or take online strengths test. One of them is High5Test where you can get help to discover your strengths and in that way get at better understanding of who you are.  There are also books to work with, like Who am I by The School of Life.


Whatever path you decide to take what I have come to understand is that it takes time to get at ease with who you are. Some seem to have it all figured out at an early age, others way later and that probably depends on how much good guidance and great teachers you had as a child.  But as being one of those who seem to bloom late, I hope that this very long search has made me open to try life in many different ways and that is hasn’t been a waste of time. I’m completely ready now to dig deeper into what I stand for and find success faster and better than ever before.