Socializing on Mars

Socializing on Mars

Do we have to be fun all the time?


I can honestly say I’m a kind and nice person. I like to get to know people, I like to talk and I would never survive completely alone. Yet, with time and age I’m slowly accepting that I’m not that extremely social and outgoing person that seems to be the goal or norm in our society. We are bombarded with the image that a successful person is this amazing energetic human being with fantastic charisma. I’m thinking of the perfect tv-host, the award-winning pod cast provider, the party entertainer or the top networker in business.

But you know what, I’m not any of the above. I’m quite happy being home alone for a while. I like having a bit of space for my thoughts. I will never be that super social creature even though I really tried my best for many, many years. It just made me stressed and confused about who I am. I never felt there was a safe space for me where I could be relaxed and not constantly perform.

“I like having a bit of space for my thoughts.”

So does that mean I won’t be successful? Hell no! That is not an option at all and I strongly believe that just being myself will be enough. By staying true to who I am, I am more likely to succeed and do magic. And even though it seems like all successful people are those outgoing, constantly happy ones, I am sure that they too struggle with who they are. And by the way, how do you measure success? That will have to be another post another day…