A visual guide to your goals

I am in love with moodboards because they give me that overview that I so desperately need. It’s such a good tool to use for an overview of your thoughts and ideas, where you would like to be and who you would like to be. But which media is best for creating a moodboard in 2019.


There are quite a few online tools for making moodboards and I have tried a bunch of them. Most have a free version where you can make at least one board without having to pay an annual fee. One of my favourites is Mind Meister which is super easy to use from day one. You can also make videos and slides out of your boards. It is really doing a great job, but still I’m not 100% convinced. The screen on a computer is always a bit limiting and I have this constant feel of not having a complete overview. Even though I try to give these apps a chance I always end up stopping using them after a while to move on to the classic paper-on-a-wall-moodboard.

“Look at your goals every day and stay focused!”

Having papers on a wall is such an easy way of getting a full overview of your work, goals or anything else that you need to visualize. You can either just tape your papers or objects straight to a wall or use some kind of boards. The Swedish company Lintex have some beautiful products but really anything works. At this moment I have a mix of work-based ideas and some personal goals on my wall. By looking at them everyday I make sure I have my mind set on my goals and these repetitive way of looking at your goals is what makes it work. Our brains can do magic, and if we see and think about something every day it turns out to be a natural thought of where we are. Look at your goals every day and stay focused!

The-Gloss-Magazine-Moodboard-Susan-Zelouf (1).jpg