Someone walked the road before you


There are days when I think I must be a complete idiot for trying something out that seems like a disastrous idea. Yet, even though I KNOW I shouldn’t continue doing those things I keep pushing and sometimes they turn out great anyway. What I have noticed though is that by reading about others, both current living people but also historic creatives or entrepreneurs, I realise I am not that unique in handling my life this way. That is just such a relief sometimes!

 “It gives some sort of comfort to read about people and their stories.”

It is amazing reading about other mums trying to cope with life and work at the same time. I remember reading about Louise Bourgeois once where she said she used to give her kids papers and pens, and then she would sit down with them and draw. But she didn’t just play around; she was actually working at that moment and creating some of her famous work.

Drawing by Louise Bourgeois

Drawing by Louise Bourgeois


It gives some sort of comfort to read about people and their stories. We live and work with the same kind of daily problems and it just keeps repeating over and over again. I guess we should all read much more about others, or talk to others, to gain more insights to not have to re-invent the wheel every time there is an obstacle before us. So go out today, talk to strangers or friends, visit the library and pick up some great reads, buy a magazine or check in on some blogs, pods or websites. It is just fantastic how inspiration and stories can change our lives and make us a little bit braver when we know that someone else managed to survive the exact same thing that might worry you in this exact moment.