A "How to" guide

A survival guide to an unknown world

It is a sad March morning and it rains horizontally over the grey streets. Like all other winters, it was months ago since I last saw the sun. We don’t have any environmentally hazardous fog, but still a constant winter haze that makes us psychologically unstable. The computer burns in my lap, my buckets of coffee have made my lips dry and I keep googling everything from business tips, podcasts, arranging a bucket for the children's homework and how to make the best tortellini. Somewhere I realise I know as little about this world as any other world.  Like Mars for example.

I understand that I should know a few things, but must also modestly acknowledge that I have always been confused and will probably continue to be so for the remainder of my life. Now you probably think that you might have made a bad choice, you had intended to read something inspiring about how to succeed and earn your first million. Sorry, but then I have to stop you already here. What I'm going to deliver is a non typical self-help blog that doesn't give you any direct steps toward success. Nor will I tell you my amazing story of how I succeeded, how I got half a million followers on Instagram or how I became an internationally recognized CEO.

“Somewhere I realise I know as little about this world as any other world.” 

No, on the contrary, this will be a more pragmatic version of someone who fights like everyone else and who cannot yet take out a salary from a forgotten start-up company. I'm planning to guide you into the world that may seem incessantly confusing. How do I reach my goals? What will make me happy? Do I have to give up and look for an office job? Is it a good idea to have kids? Is travelling trendy or should we all stop to reduce the carbon footprint? Will I look back at my life and be proud?


I have no idea about the answers to any of the above. But if there is one thing I know, just one tiny idea, it is that we are social beings with a great belonging. The layout is simple; I do a lot of research and share with you everything I come up with. It will probably be a mixture of high and low, private and work, psychology and mantra, life and death. But the hope is that we both get a clearer overview of life and where we are heading.  So sign up and join me!


Over & out!