Keeping your goals in sight


Goal visualization is a great tool when it comes to having a plan and stick to it. Many powerful and successful people use it to keep track of where they are going. What it does is that you shape your brain to recognize what resources you need to use to reach your goals. It creates an inner motivation and it promotes positive thinking. If you write your goals down and read about them every single way, if you have understood what tools you need and how you need to work to reach your dreams, they don’t seem so far anymore. Even though I might find it a bit too simple, that just reading your goals every day, it seems like many people have been extremely successful with the method. You trick your brain to think that you know how to reach your dreams. And maybe it is just that simple.

So how do we proceed with this fact? Well, a good way seems to be to get a nice notebook. It could off course be any book, but there are really beautiful books out on the market if you want to be a bit more guided into how and what to write.


Julie, the founder of Kartotek Copenhagen, spent months designing the Goals Journal in order to get it exactly right. Her educational background as a psychologist guided her in creating the right questions and room for reflection, based on what science tells us about goal setting and how to change your habits.


With space for ten short, six medium and four long-term goals, the Goals Journal makes success manageable, trackable and achievable.

There are also online courses, like Purpose Goals. Purpose Goals is a unique Goal Setting System that helps anyone who is ready, serious and committed to living a more Meaningful and Purposeful Life, set goals aligned with their Life Purpose and True Authentic Self, so that they can get to live their dream life now and do what they came here for, whilst having a peaceful and fulfilling Journey.

Life long road