Early bird

Why waking up early is everything


I’ve said it before but almost every successful person admits waking up early. It gives you extra time and makes you more productive if you start the day off by giving yourself a moment to have your coffee, work out, meditate, plan the day or what ever it is that you might need to feel amazing.


In my case it’s my only and very holy moment of being alone in my home. Having four kids is a constant chaos! There are so many kids that there is always one of them being tired, needing food, being upset with one of the others etc. And then when they are in bed I want to spend time with my husband, read a bit but also make the house clean for my holy mornings.


So here I am. With my fantastic coffee. Overlooking a street covered in early, golden sunlight. Every now and then people walk by getting to work. The house is quiet, in full harmony. I’m working a bit and in a while I’m going to wake the chaos up, but by then I’ve already created a wonderful start of the day for myself.


Even though waking up early seems hard, and you prefer to sleep just a little bit more, it’s actually such a lovely moment of the day. And yes. I don’t have a small baby anymore. It’s not a Scandinavian dark winter where we’re all depressed for 6 months and I don’t have sleeping problems. If you just feel there is a tiny chance for yourself to do it, just try!

And if you need to know more about this early bird topic, one of the many thousand books is The 5 AM Club: Own Your Morning. Elevate Your Life by Robin Sharma.