Creepy ads converted to kind caring


It’s really no news that our smartphone microphones gather information for the purposes of targeted advertising. It has happened to me, numerous times, that I’ve been talking to a friend about something very niched to then just a few couple of hours later have had advertising on facebook or instagram about that specific topic. No one is openly admitting they use this type of technology, but there is no doubt that it’s here to stay. Companies have developed a wealth of algorithms that can look for patterns and pick-out potentially useful things about behaviour and interests.

We could go on discussing the legitimacy of companies entering our private lives 24/7 but I leave that for another day. What I wondered the other day was why no government could use all this information to create peace, a kind world or just a more caring atmosphere? I can’t count the massive number of late nights where I, completely exhausted, have spent hours googling to seek some kind of comfort. “Exhausted mum, Bad mum, Stressed working mum, Too tired to think, Alzheimer young person, Cancer symptoms, Depression, Surviving life” etc etc. I guess you get the kind of mood I have been in long after midnight with all four kids in bed, a messy home, work not ready and a long to-do list.

Could this artificial intelligent creepy technology have listened to me and sent me a sweet text the morning after? All will be fine Jenny. Or could I have received 50% off in my favourite store? Or could I have gotten some ads for great personal development books? Or a bunch of links to psychologists, nanny companies or business coaches nearby? I can think of soooo many ways this could be used to create a kind society where people could feel better about themselves and others. I truly think that using technology in new ways is a future we should move towards. Google, do you hear me? Great free idea to use as you wish!

“If we could look even further out I would hope to see technologies that center almost entirely on well-being. I think the brilliant minds of the future will focus on more metaphysical questions: How do we make people happier? How do we create meaningful connections? How do we help everyone live a fulfilling life?”

- Bill Gates (How we’ll invent the future, Technology Review